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Marvida Rodriguez, massage therapist at the "Pleasant Hill Therapy Office" has not only healing, intuitive hands but also a healing, intuive heart.  During my last massage, Marvida was able to share a couple things that provided valuable insight into a situation I was dealing with.  Her very close connection to Source energy enables her to channel powerful love and light into every cell of your body.  Her massage is strong, firm, intuitive and very healing.  I highly recommend her!!
Angela Lambert
"I get a lot of massages, but Marvida's massage is out of this world.  Marvida has intuitive hands that speak to the heart.  Once I had terrible pain in my neck and it was gone after Marvida's special touch. She melts my muscles away.  I always feel that I'm in a different world when I have a massage with her.  I come out feeling very relaxed and refreshed.  I like to get her 90 minute swedish massage and have her concentrate on massaging my feet for the last 30 minutes.  It feels so good!  She does amazing work on the feet. Marvida usually tells me messages at the end of the massage that are so true to the heart.  She is a very gifted healer."   


 Karen Clark





All the comments about massage got me I saved my "pennies" and was finally able to afford a 1/2 hour Swedish massageToday...aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...The Masseuse' name is Marvida Rodriguez at Malaya Health + Healing Center in Pleasant Hill...she's very good ... and sychronously (is that a word?) turns out she's a Native America...and I just finished a two day seminar at JFKU on Indigenous Healing...taught by a Lakota Sioux my feeling right now is that everything's coming together as it should...

Kewl, hey?



I just want to say that Marvida is an excellent Massage Therapist.  She really cares about her client and uses just the right amount of pressure to give a wonderful massage.  She is also very intuitive and will ask you if you would like to know about some of the information she gets as she massages you.
I love coming to the Malaya Center as it feels very nurturing.  All the staff is very supportive and friendly and the rooms are kept very clean.
I highly recommend coming here to get a massage with Marvida.

Sincerely, Sheri J. Miller

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