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Chair Massage 


What better way to lift the spirits and morale of your employees, family and friends than with a therapuetic massage.

Perfect for events & parties.

Let Professional Massage Therapists bring the chair massage experience straight to your door.

Chair Massage $70-72 per 60 minutes

(a minimun of two hours per massage therapist is required, whether one or more therapists are hired.)


A massage can range from 10-30 minutes per person  

What are the benefits of chair massage in your office?

•Increased circulation
•Reduction in repetitive strain injuries (such as carpal tunnel)
•Increased productivity and reduction of stress
•Increased immune function
•Improved alertness, speed and accuracy

Corporate Sponsorship- which means that the company covers 100% of the cost.

Employee/ Corporate Sponsorship-means that the
employer and employee agree on paying a percentage of the cost.

Employee Sponsorship-means the employees cover 100% of costs.
10 minutes     $12
15 minutes     $18
20 minutes     $24
Chair massage rates for corporate sponsorship are $70/ hour.

Please Call 925-639-2523  or Email the following to

Amount of Massage Therapists Needed:

phone number:

Type of Party:



We will provide all that is needed. Let me know how large the room is where the chairs will be set.

A massage table can also be provided upon request and there is enough room.

Fifty percent deposit required upon request.

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